Q: Does this site really work?
A: Yes! We are partners with many companies that are supporting us with riot codes which is why we can give them away for free!

Q: Is this free?
A: Yes! Everything that you find on this site is 100% free!

Q: How do I get a code?
A: In order to get a code you need to complete the 2 steps at front page which will redirect you to the download page where you can get your free code!

Q: How do I use the code?
A: Login on League of Legends > Go to the store > Click on the tab called “Codes” > Enter your code!

Q: My codes doesn’t work!?
A: Some codes might not work as other people might have used it already. We are constantly updading the codes with fresh ones. If your code doesn’t work, that means that someone have already used it.

Q: How do I get a working code then?
A: By downloading one of the codes where is says (Available).

Q: How many codes am I allowed to download?
A: You are free to download as many as you want! However, it would be nice if you only download one so that other people have the chance of getting one too.